Freedomroo – Australian woman fed up after her friend keeps buying exactly the same clothes as her

A frustrated woman has revealed how she feels 'deflated' after her friend keeps copying her outfits every time she buys a new piece (stock image)

Fed up woman begs for advice after her friend continues buying the EXACT same clothes as her – so what would you do?

  • An Australian woman has revealed her friend keeps copying her outfits
  • The woman said she was initially ‘flattered’ but now feels annoyed at her friend
  • She explained that her friend ‘repeatedly’ buys the exact same clothes as her
  • She turned to the internet for advice about how she should approach her friend 

A frustrated woman has revealed how she feels ‘deflated’ after her friend keeps copying her outfits every time she buys a new piece for her wardrobe.

The woman, from Western Australia, shared her ‘first world problem’ on social media, explaining how she feels ‘petty’ for being furious at her friend for buying the exact same clothes as her.

‘This has happened repeatedly and I was flattered at first but now I feel deflated and petty at how much energy I expend thinking about this,’ she wrote in a Facebook group.

The woman – who’s on a tight budget – said she spent a lot of time building her wardrobe, only for her friend to ask what the brand is before she spontaneously ‘whips out her phone and buys it then and there’.

A frustrated woman has revealed how she feels ‘deflated’ after her friend keeps copying her outfits every time she buys a new piece (stock image)


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‘Wondering if anyone has found themselves in a situation with a friend where they start buying everything you buy, specifically wardrobe items?’ she asked. 

‘For context, I’ve really invested in what I wear, I am on a small budget and think long and hard before I purchase, scouring discounts and secondhand.’

She decided to turn to the internet for advice because she doesn’t know how to approach the situation. 

‘I can’t think of a way to broach this with her so I guess I’m hoping others have been in a situation like this so I don’t feel so alone and gross in my smallness,’ she said.

Her post was met with mixed responses, with a majority saying they are ‘completely’ on her side.

‘I’ve had this happen to me. I would have an honest conversation with her. One or two things are ok – and as long as you’re not wearing them in the same place… But more is quite thoughtless of your friend,’ one wrote.


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Another said: ‘It would bother me if someone did this to me so I don’t think you’re being small. But she might not realise it bothers you.’ 

Many urged her to simply stop telling her friend about where she got her items from.

‘I’d feel the same like you. Perhaps just stop telling her about your purchases and just change topic if she asks. I learned a while back it’s better to keep most things like that to myself,’ one said.

Another wrote: ‘Stop sharing the information of brands when questioned. Tell her you’re comfortable.

While one woman suggested: ‘You could maybe just start being really vague like “oh it’s vintage” or “my sister gave it to me so now sure where it’s from” or “oh, I’ve had this for years”.’

Others said the woman should just be ‘honest’ and tell her how she really feels. 

Another woman who was in a similar situation said she was able to ‘get through this many times’ after she watched Oprah interview someone who was going ‘through the same thing’.

‘I clearly recall Oprah saying the phrase: “No one can steal your light”,’ she said.

Meanwhile, some women who have been buying the same outfits as their best friends for years said they never had any issues.

‘My best friend and I do this but I love it. She bought jeans, a top or bikini I like so I got it too. She likes it and we have photos in matching stuff which is cute I think. If she gets something I already have, I’m flattered she likes it,’ one wrote.

While another said: ‘My best friend and I do this all the time and we love it.’


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