– 3 strikes and out for unlucky thief in Turkey

3 strikes and out for unlucky thief in Turkey

A “thief” – the term being used in the widest possible sense – in the Niksar district of Tokat province in Turkey’s Black Sea region suffered a chain of events that can be attributed in part to exceptionally bad luck and his own clumsiness.

Reports indicate that the suspect, O.Ö., 29, broke into the office of a workplace at an industrial site by breaking a window and stole TL 1,000 ($72.39) from a cash register. He then proceeded to drop and lose the money while attempting to get away.

Not undone with this failure, he then stole a car parked in front of another workplace in the same industrial site, which then broke down and was forced to abandon the vehicle at a petrol station.

Many people may have taken these two events on the same night as an opportunity to contemplate what they have just done – or in his case could not really do – and use it as a chance to reform their lives for the better, ultimately leaving their evil ways behind them.

But not O.Ö.

Still not giving up despite his unsuccessful attempts at becoming a thief, the suspect headed off to the city center on the same night. There he struck again, breaking the glass – to his credit something he seems to have down pat – of the door of a market in the district center, took a safe – yes the whole thing – and tried to run off with it.

However, there was a problem. The safe that the suspect stole from the market and was later found next to a wall in a nearby alley, was empty – strike three.

The empty safe discarded by the suspect is inspected by a police officer, Tokat province, northern Turkey, Dec. 11, 2022. (IHA Photo).

When this third burglary was reported to police, it comes as no surprise that the clumsy suspect was caught by police within a short period of time.

O.Ö. was subsequently arrested by judicial authorities after his statement at the police station and is currently being held in custody.

Crime definitely does not pay.

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