Freedomroo – Mercury in retrograde forces many to put pause on New Year ambition

Mercury in retrograde forces many to put pause on New Year ambition


This New Year retrograde will help you feel more productive and give them the boost to get on with things. You will need to reflect on your confidence levels and work out the most beneficial actions to take to reach your goals.


You need to give yourself permission to take action. You have a green light but must act on it. This retrograde will help you finalise a decision which you will need to make in February. This could be to do with your career or relationship – but is something you have been contemplating for about 12 months. Decide the next logical step and take it.   


Your sign is ruled by Mercury so you have probably noticed you feel sluggish and like life is moving more slowly than usual. This period is about reflection, you should stop and smell the roses. Reflect on a big lesson you have learned lately and by mid February you will feel like you have more traction.


For Cancers this period is all about equilibrium and balance there is a will ebb and flow energy. This tug of war of energy is asking you take control of your own life instead allowing others to take it. To make the most of this reflective time try to remain open and proactive. It is okay to retreat so you can find time to analyse a situation but then you must go out and deal with it, with kindness.


Leos will need to dig into their endless wells of optimism right now – and to build a tolerance for other people and their opinions. Instead of telling other people how things are try to open up, ask questions.   


Virgos are also ruled  by Mercury and will be hugely impacted by this month’s retrograde. You are being asked to acknowledge your own need to take things slow. You don’t have to be productive all of the time, when you do feel productive during this period you should use it to have fun. Remember communication is key and you don’t have to get everything perfect. 


Librans have had a tough time recently, Venus’ retrograde has pushed key themes surrounding relationships to the forefront of their attention. You are the harmoniser of the zodiac and like to have justice and fairness within your relationships. This period will test your ability to put boundaries in place. You need to remain authentic and while you will feel the need to shower everyone with kindness you need to remember your needs are important too.  


You need to focus on your intense need to feel right now which means looking at your internal dialogue and working out how to match it with your external dialogue. Don’t let things build up now, if they fester you will have an outburst and could regret it. Instead seek out support from a trusted source so you can express yourself without fear.   


It is definitely a time to reflect for Sagittarians. You might feel like you have been on a hiatus, but you should use this energy wisely and focus on things you want to manifest. If you are feeling lost look for signs and seek out sources of inspiration.  


You aren’t used to slowing down, Capricorn, but it is time to hang the joggers up for a while. You will be lacing them up again before you know it but you need to rest until you feel like your mojo is back. This should happen by mid-February. If you need to work on something use this time to connect with people who could help you reach goals later.  


This retrograde appears in Aquarius as well as Capricorn. It remind you that life is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to look to the future with your thinking and focus on positives. Remember baby steps here will help you create long and lasting change. You might feel like this Mercury retrograde brings you some happy birthday moments.  


You have energy on your side in 2022, and it starts with Mercury heading into retrograde. Use this time to put yourself out there instead of hiding in the shadows. Make the most of the connections you have, capitalise on the people in your life. It is time to feel good and work toward goals. 

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