Freedomroo – Murderer Reginald ‘Tex’ Arthurell identifies as woman while on parole

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Convicted murderer Reginald “Tex” Arthurell has been discovered on social media identifying as a woman after being released on parole last year.

Arthurell was sentenced to a maximum of 27 years after he killed Venet Mulhall, 54, in the NSW country town of Coonabarabran while on parole for two other killings. He later took a photo of himself in her dress and wearing a wig.

Sydney radio station 2GB first reported the new pictures had surfaced. A social media account under the name Regina Kaye matches the photos.

The NSW State Parole Authority (SPA) granted Arthurell parole in October.

“An offender with seven months left to serve on a 24-year sentence has been granted parole, providing a safety net of strict supervision, electronic monitoring with schedules and stringent conditions,” the SPA said in a statement.

Conditions of the parole include electronic monitoring, abstaining from alcohol, participating in an intervention program as directed, not possessing or using a firearm or any prohibited weapon, not contacting, communicating with, watching, stalking, harassing or intimidating the victim/s and/or victims’ families.

“The SPA determined release to parole at this time is in the best interests of the safety of the community and ordered the offender comply with 11 standard conditions of parole in addition to electronic monitoring with schedules and ongoing engagement with psychological treatment and interventions while in the community,” the statement continued.

In October, The Daily Telegraph reported the 75-year old had told authorities he wanted to have a sex change as soon as possible on his ­release.

Arthurell bludgeoned fiancee Ms Mulhall to death in 1997.

He had moved in with Ms Mulhall after he was released on parole in 1991.

She had become his pen pal while he’d been serving time in a Darwin prison.

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