Freedomroo – Sydney man’s excuse for dodging Qld border rules

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The Sydney man fined almost $10,000 for flouting a number of Covid-19 restrictions after his illegal entry into Queensland says he just “wanted to get out” of his locked down city.

George Thompson, 26, was fined by Queensland Police this week after he flew from Sydney to Ballina airport earlier this month, despite being deemed a close contact of a confirmed case by NSW Health.

He was picked up by his partner, 36-year-old flight attendant Malynda Gray, who brought him back into Brisbane.

The pair spent a number of days in the southeast Queensland community, allegedly providing false check-in information, before Ms Gray tested positive to Covid-19.

After allegedly failing to co-operate with police, she eventually disclosed how she had contracted the virus.

Thompson was placed into hotel quarantine, where police say he repeatedly opened the door to his room and verbally abused staff. As a result, he was fined almost $10,000.

Speaking to Nine News on Thursday amid mounting public criticism, Thompson said he had “no idea” he had Covid-19 when he crossed into Queensland, and that the reason he had flouted lockdown was to visit his partner.

“I just wanted to get out of there,” he said.

“Just let them think what they want because I don’t really take it to heart.”

Ms Gray was fined $4135 for failing to comply with a border direction by driving Mr Thompson into Queensland.

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said the decision to fine, rather than prosecute, would show the community the seriousness of the actions.

“Nearly $10,000 worth of fines sends a very clear message – not only to that person, but everyone else in the community – how serious this is,” he said.

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