Freedomroo – Tell T a Joke | Jeremy O. Harris

Tell T a Joke | Jeremy O. Harris

Oh my God, I love. O.K. I feel like I have to preface this joke by saying that this is a joke that I learned in Martinsville, Virginia, when I was in fifth grade, from an eighth grader. So one day, this dad and his son went to a park. And in the park, they saw two dogs doing something that the child had never seen before. So the son said, “Dad, what are those two dogs doing?” And the dad said, “Oh, um, they’re baking a cake.” So, the next day they go to a zoo. And they see two monkeys doing the exact same thing. And the son says, “Hey Daddy, are those two monkeys also making a cake?” And the dad says, “Yes, yes they are.” The next morning, the son comes downstairs as his dad is making breakfast, and says, “Daddy, were you and Mommy making a cake last night?” And the dad looks at his son surprised and says, “Yeah, we were. How did you know?” And the son says, “Oh, because I licked the icing off the couch.”

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