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One state has been given a bold vaccine target, aiming for 90 per cent of its eligible residents to be double jabbed by summer.

A bold vaccine target has been set for Tasmanians, with hopes 90 per cent of its eligible residents are double jabbed by the first day of summer.

Currently, more than 50 per cent of residents aged over 16 years are fully vaccinated while 69.1 per cent have had at least one dose.

But, Premier Peter Gutwein set targets over the next three months that would see almost all residents fully vaccinated.

He said the aim was to reach a 70 per cent full vaccination rate, which was the agreed national target, by early to mid October.

The next target was set for 80 per cent by Melbourne Cup Day on November 2.

Mr Gutwein said the timing was fitting because the fight against Covid-19 was also “a race”.

Under the national plan, there needs to be an average of 80 per cent of eligible people double dosed across all jurisdictions to enter Phase C, when lockdowns would be very unlikely.

Mr Gutwein said that was expected to happen in mid to late November.

Based on that, he said the state could have 90 per cent of eligible Tasmanians fully vaccinated by December 1 if they gave it “a real go”.

“That’s where I and our health officials want us to be so we can open up with confidence so we’re open for Christmas and summer,” Mr Gutwein said.

“This is a race.

“We want to hit those target rates as quickly as possible.

“We know that by being (fully) vaccinated you‘ll have more access to travel, events, venues, certain jobs and you’ll have less chance of catching Covid and being seriously ill.

“Being double vaccinated is access to life in a Covid environment.”

Tasmanian Health Department secretary Kathrine Morgan-Wicks said there had so far been a “fantastic” take up of vaccine booking across the state.

She said health authorities were expecting to reach 70 per cent over the weekend.

“If we keep at the rate that people are currently booking for vaccination and turning up for those appointments then we will hit that 90 per cent rate,” Ms Morgan-Wicks said.

“We are confident in that but it does depend on people continuing to book and show up.”

It was also announced that Pfizer and Moderna would be accessible to all people aged over 60.

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