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An expert has revealed police may never find William Tyrrell’s remains, but said there is one key item that could help end the investigation.

An expert has revealed why William Tyrrell’s remains may never be found, as the renewed search for the missing boy continues into its fourth week.

Geomorphologist Jon Olley, who has been helping NSW Police with their search, said a child’s bones would likely break down in the soil over time.

It has been more than seven years since a three-year-old William disappeared from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall, on NSW Mid North Coast, on September 14, 2014.

in mid-November, police announced they were reviving search efforts for William, with investigators focusing on the Benaroon Dr and a section of nearby bushland along Batar Creek Rd.

Last month, police confirmed there was “no doubt” officers were looking for the boy’s remains.

Professor Olly told The Daily Telegraph the fact that more than seven years have passed since William vanished diminished hopes of finding bones.

“There possibly would be bones, but given the level of bioactivity here, and the amount of humic acids that are in the soils, that would actually help break them down over time” he said.

“Seven years for a child’s bones is a long time in this sort of environment. It is unlikely that a large proportion of the bones would be well preserved.”

However, Professor Olly said there was one key item linked to the investigation that would likely still be intact.

“The one thing we have going in our favour is the fact that (investigators) believe he was in a polyester suit. That doesn’t break down and it’s very resistant to actually fading as well,” he said.

This refers to the red and blue Spider-Man suit William was wearing on the day of his disappearance.

Investigators have been meticulously sifting through tonnes of soil in search of any clues that might reveal what happened to William all those years ago.

Multiple pieces of fabric have been found and taken away for testing over the past few weeks, with investigators previously being seen comparing some of the discoveries to a sample Spider-Man suit.

One of the more recent discoveries was a large piece of red fabric, which was found after investigators drained a creek near the search site.

Just after 3.30pm on Monday, investigators were spotted pulling the piece of red fabric from the mud and placing it into an evidence bag. It was taken away to be forensically tested.

Search area edges closer to foster grandmother’s home

The renewed search effort entered its 25th straight day on Thursday, with a team of about 20 people seen on the eastern side of Batar Creek Rd in Kendall, NSW – less than one kilometre from where the renewed search originally started.

They are less than 500m away from the Benaroon Dr home where the three-year-old vanished.

It appears a 20m strip is the focus of the search.

Officers have been batting through tough conditions, with relentless rain hampering search efforts.

NSW Police State Crime Command Director, Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett, said last month that investigators “couldn’t have picked a worse time” in terms of weather to be searching.

He revealed the search will likely need to be extended “well beyond” the initial time frames set out by police.

Police initially expected the search to last up to three weeks but Supt Bennett said that would likely be doubled.

Supt Bennett said the decision behind the major search revival was “in response to evidence we have obtained over the course of the investigation” and it was “not speculative in any way”.

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