Officers sentenced to life in FETÖ’s coup attempt trial in Turkey

Officers sentenced to life in FETÖ’s coup attempt trial in Turkey

The last trial in the capital Ankara over the July 15, 2016, coup attempt concluded on Wednesday. It was one of the biggest trials on the brutal coup bid which killed 251 people and injured nearly 2,200 others. The legal process involved 497 defendants and ended with aggravated life imprisonment for several former military officers. Infiltrators from the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) were behind the coup attempt.

Among them were former Col. Muhammet Tanju Poshor who was handed down two instances of aggravated life imprisonment. Poshor was the commander of putschists who stormed Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT), the country’s main public broadcaster. Ümit Gençer, a former lieutenant colonel involved in the same raid, was given one instance of aggravated life imprisonment. Fedakar Akça, a major who commanded a military team that stormed the office of the Chief of General Staff, the headquarters of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), was also handed down aggravated life imprisonment. Muhsin Kutsi Barış, a former colonel who has already been issued multiple life sentences in another coup-related trial, was sentenced to 61 years and six months in prison. The verdict is still being read for the remaining defendants.

The trial is known as the “Presidential Guard Regiment trial” as most of the defendants were deployed at this prestigious military unit at the time of the coup attempt. The regiment, which was also tasked with contributing to other military units, was disbanded following the putsch bid, except for the honor guards who now hold a ceremonial role.

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