Surrendered terrorist recounts rape, torture in PKK camps

5 civilians killed, 2 wounded in Baghdad rocket attack, Iraqi officials say

A female terrorist who fled the PKK terrorist organization to surrender to Turkish security forces talked about the harassment, rape and violence that occur in the terrorist camps.

She surrendered to the security forces on Nov. 20 at the Habur Border Gate in the Silopi district of Turkey’s southeastern Şırnak province after she was persuaded by the security units.

E.C., who joined the terrorist organization in 2008, operated in northern Iraq in 2008-2016, and in Syria in 2016-2020, for various offshoots of the PKK. She fled at the first chance and, through her testimonies, revealed the PKK’s true face.

She said she joined the organization for their false promises of freedom as she had not been allowed to step out of her home while living with her family.

“I didn’t want to go. They forced me, deceived me. They promised many things. ‘We are very free, you can be, too. We can go out of our homes, and you can as well,’ they said. And I believed them because I wasn’t able to go out,” she said.

She said that she witnessed male terrorists raping women and men, adding: “The first place they took me to was the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) building in (the eastern province of) Van. I had never been there before. Two women spoke to each other for a while and then handed me to a man.”

E.C. said she saw the true face of the organization after she arrived at the camp and had terrible experiences.

“We walked for a month or two to reach there. There were about three men and two women. They don’t do any harm for a while to make you trust them, but once you go to the camp, you see things,” she said.

In the camp, she said, she saw a woman who was taken prisoner. “She was constantly crying, and they were beating her. They were telling us they weren’t beating her, but we could hear her and her screams. That reminded me of my dad beating me,” she said.

E.C. said another female terrorist who was caught trying to flee was raped by a so-called team commander. “When they brought her back from the forest two days later, she was locked in a room alone. She was constantly yelling, swearing and saying she wanted to die,” she said.

E.C. added that no one in the camp believed the woman about who the rapist was.

“They did the same to men as well, not just to women,” she continued.

E.C. added that someone also attempted to rape her. “I shouted and screamed. Others heard and came to help save me,” she said.

She said she was told by the terrorists: “You are uneducated. This is what we do to people like you. We satisfy ourselves.”

E.C. added that she fled from the terrorist organization as soon as she could and surrendered.

“I want others to come here (surrender) as well. They shouldn’t be afraid; there’s nothing to fear. They told us in the organization: ‘Go to the border and you’re killed.’ It’s a lie. They didn’t kill us. Save yourselves, return to your families. Families will forgive as does the state,” she said.

In its more than 40-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union – has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including children and infants.

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