Victoria Weathers Easter Storm with Minimal Disruption

Victorians faced a wild Easter Monday as the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued severe weather warnings for the region [1]. The storm brought heavy rain, damaging winds, and lightning strikes, causing some disruptions but not widespread damage.

Melbourne, the state capital, saw minor damage and a delay to a major AFL match . The iconic Stawell Gift, a prestigious footrace, was nearly called off due to the weather, with organizers noting the worst conditions they’d ever seen in the event’s history . However, the race was still able to proceed, suggesting pre-existing plans to handle severe weather situations.

This incident underscores the importance of preparedness for severe weather events. While significant damage was avoided, staying informed about weather warnings and having a plan in place can make a big difference. This includes stocking up on food, water, and having a battery-powered radio for emergencies, especially during potential power outages. Knowing where to find shelter is also crucial.

Victoria’s Easter storm serves as a reminder to be prepared for severe weather, regardless of location. By following weather advisories and having a plan, communities can significantly reduce the impact of such events.


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